Monday, May 26, 2014

g(Math) is updated and can now plot 2 functions in the same graph.

Thanks for the continued positive feedback. I have updated g(Math) to reflect one of the most requested features, plotting more than 1 function on the same graph. You should see the latest version in your Add-on menu in the next 60 minutes!
I am working on other features, like changing the color of the functions. Other features are proving to be difficult but I am trying to add them, like labeling the graphs and changing the scaling of the graph. I am continuing to add prebuilt LaTeX codes as requested and believe I am caught up. If you would like to see something added, please let me know.
Also, g(Math) for Sheets is in the final stages and should be live by Wednesday!!
Please keep the feedback coming and I will try to add the changes if they are possible!

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