Friday, December 18, 2015

g(Math) for Forms has an updated Handwriting entry interface!

g(Math) for Forms now has a new Handwriting interface with more features. You can change colors and also take a WebCam picture and annotate on top of it. Great for quickly sketching a math problem and adding it to a Form! Look for this improved Handwriting Entry in the other flavors of g(Math) soon now that my school is on summer holiday!! +Chris Webb, my next section is the grading portion of g(Math) for Sheets!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

g(Math) for Forms new features!

tl;dr: g(Math) for Forms can now insert images from Drive and take photos from your webcam and insert them into your Multiple Choice response!

In my adventure to help create math digitally in more ways, g(Math) for Forms will now allow you to insert images from your Google Drive and take photos from your webcam and insert them in to your Multiple choice response.

To access g(Math) for Forms, you need to use the "old" Google Forms. You can always toggle between old forms and new forms by appending a ?uiv=0 or ?uiv=1 to the end of the URL.

To access these new features, click on create a multiple choice question from the menu.
Choose the option you want to populate and then click on the image icon (2nd from the right) to insert an image from your Google Drive.

Click on the photo icon to insert an image from your Webcam.

I am excited to roll these out to g(Math) Form Responder in the next few weeks after I finish up my current project update on g(Math) for Sheets.