Friday, December 18, 2015

g(Math) for Forms has an updated Handwriting entry interface!

g(Math) for Forms now has a new Handwriting interface with more features. You can change colors and also take a WebCam picture and annotate on top of it. Great for quickly sketching a math problem and adding it to a Form! Look for this improved Handwriting Entry in the other flavors of g(Math) soon now that my school is on summer holiday!! +Chris Webb, my next section is the grading portion of g(Math) for Sheets!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

g(Math) for Forms new features!

tl;dr: g(Math) for Forms can now insert images from Drive and take photos from your webcam and insert them into your Multiple Choice response!

In my adventure to help create math digitally in more ways, g(Math) for Forms will now allow you to insert images from your Google Drive and take photos from your webcam and insert them in to your Multiple choice response.

To access g(Math) for Forms, you need to use the "old" Google Forms. You can always toggle between old forms and new forms by appending a ?uiv=0 or ?uiv=1 to the end of the URL.

To access these new features, click on create a multiple choice question from the menu.
Choose the option you want to populate and then click on the image icon (2nd from the right) to insert an image from your Google Drive.

Click on the photo icon to insert an image from your Webcam.

I am excited to roll these out to g(Math) Form Responder in the next few weeks after I finish up my current project update on g(Math) for Sheets. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

g(Math) for Forms now has standalone Handwriting entries.

g(Math) for Forms will now create a Handwriting entry! Thanks to +Chris Webb for helping me motivate to finalize the Handwriting entry for MC options. I would love to hear any use cases and suggestions for improvement!

g(Math) for Forms can create multiple choice options that include handwriting entries!

I am excited to announce that g(Math) for Forms will now allow you to use handwriting entries as multiple choice options. Just click on the Create handwriting entry icon in any part of the option and you can handwrite an entry.
I just published the update and it will be live soon in the Chrome store and should automatically update for you if you already have g(Math) for Forms installed.
I am working on rolling out handwriting entries as a question type in the next week or so, keep an eye out for them!

Monday, November 16, 2015

g(Math) for Forms will now create Multiple Choice Question!!

The top feature request for g(Math) for Forms has been to create a Multiple Choice question. I have been working on this feature for months and meant to release it when g(Math) crossed 250,000 users. Well....that was delayed due to some unforeseen bugs, but it has been live for a few weeks. I have been slow to update the documentation and have finally added some documentation to

Some features I am excited about:

  • You can now create an option that includes two different aspects of g(Math). This is helpful to have math expressions as well as a graph or statistical display.
  • Updated user experience for easier navigation.

Things to look out for on the horizon:
  • Handwriting entry for Forms. This should be ready by the end of next weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

g(Math) Celebration Part 2

g(Math) is nearing 250,000 total users. It should pass that number tomorrow! As you can see, I haven't updated it in months. In celebration of this nice, round number I will release a new feature. Keep an eye out tomorrow and I hope it will help all of the teachers who are heading back to school!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

g(Math) Success Celebrations, part 1.

In the past year and a half since g(Math) has been published I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people using it around the world. I am humbled to be able to impact so many math classrooms! g(Math) will soon have 250,000 users and the days leading up to that event I want to celebrate g(Math) and provide some long needed updates now that my move halfway around the world is (almost) complete.

g(Math) all-time country usage: g(Math) has been used in 197 countries since I started using Google Analytics.
Countries still needed (according to Google Analytics):
1. Svalbard and Jan Mayen
2. Cuba
3. Turkmenistan
4. North Korea
5. Western Sahara
6. Solomon Islands
7. Guinea-Bissau
8. Sierra Leone
9. Burkina Faso
10. Congo
11. Central African Republic
12. Chad
13. South Sudan
14. Burundi
15. Malawi
16. Eritrea

It would be great to get global saturation (at least according to Google Analytics), so if you know any teachers or mathematicians in these 16 countries, tell them about g(Math)!