Thursday, May 15, 2014

g(Math) Help

Thanks for installing my Add-on! gMath can directly input graphs and complex math into your Google Doc.

Some Help tips:
The full complement of LaTeX commands are not supported, although many are. If you are having difficulty finding the LaTeX command you want to create, check out these resources:

For gGraph: You must have your equation in y= format. Also, if you want to multiply two terms together you must use the * operator. So if you want 3x, you must type 3*x.

There has been a lot of interest in changing the axes and zooming in on different windows of the graph. Currently, I am unable to make these changes. Essentially because it is hard. If you want a robust grapher, check out Desmos or They are super awesome!

Some user created tutorials:

+Jeremy Bell's tutorial:

+Phil Ballard's review:

+Greg Lawrence's tutorial:

+Michael Mitchell's tutorial:

+Kevin Fairchild's video help: 

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