Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Using Aviary

Let's say you are browsing and see something you want to copy on the web, left-click on the aviary icon to bring up the menu options.
Click on the "Capture Visible Portion of the Page" (or Capture Entire Page).
This will open up a new window with the Aviary image editor and your webpage selection.

As you can see there are a plethora of tools for editing your image. My favorite is the cropping tool:
Once you crop and edit your image you can save it online with many options, you can even share right to twitter.
I like to Copy the Image URL. This way, I can take the image and render the image online to paste into Gmail messages. (See my other next blog post for information on how to do this.)
By the way, I used Aviary and the steps I outlined to snip all of the images in this blog post.

Aviary and Installing the Chrome Aviary Extension

One of the most difficult parts about teaching math online is that it is cumbersome to represent math digitally. One of the best ways to overcome this is to utilize Aviary. Aviary is an awesome tool that will "snip" anything that is on the web and you can host it online, it is also part of the Google Enterprise Suite of available tools.
You can find out more at Aviary.com.

I like to use the Google Chrome Aviary Extension. It is easy to install, even if you do not have Administrator rights on your computer. Just click the Install button. It will then appear on your browser bar on the right.

It will then appear on your browser bar all the way to the right.
Now, the Aviary Extension is installed and ready for use.

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