Thursday, May 8, 2014

Awesome aspects of gMath and how it helps me create digital math content.

I have been using gMath to create digital math content for my classes. Today I realized a really cool feature that I didn't know about it, creating custom text characters.
In my Algebra and Pre-Algebra classes, after solving an equation I make my students check to see if the value of the equation they got as a result is valid if they substitute it in the original equation (typical Algebra check method).
I don't like to use the = sign during this work process because we are checking to see if they are actually equal. I use an equal sign with a question mark above it.
I can create this sign in gMath by typing \stackrel{?}{=}. You can use this LaTeX command to create almost any custom text item with one character stacked over another!
\stackrel{?}{=} will give this character:
My usage:
I am pretty pumped about how effective gMath has been and how it has simplified my workflow, allowing me to use GDocs more. It is also progressing in the publishing stage and will eventually be available in the Add-on store, reducing the number of steps necessary to use it to create content.

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