Monday, May 19, 2014

g(Math) is now available as an Add-on live in the Google Chrome Store!

I am super excited that gMath is now available as an official Add-on live in the Google Chrome store. You can now add it to your Add-on list when you access it from a Google Doc.

1. Click on the Add-on Menu in a Google Doc and choose Get Add-on.

2. In the Add-on Menu scroll down until you see gMath (it will soon be searchable).

3. Click on the Free button in the gMath block.

4. Now an authorization window will pop up. 
5. Click Accept and it will take you back to your Google Doc. If you see the box describing gMath, it was successful!

6. Have fun using gMath! If you have an issue, you can let me know by clicking the Help button and Report an issue. 

7. If you would like to give me feedback on what you like or what you wish you could do, let me know at, +John McGowan or @jmacattak on Twitter.

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