Sunday, April 19, 2015

Google Developers website history and Google Search History Analytics, pretty cool!!

tl;dr: You can find your Google Search account history at

long version: I am on the Google Developers website for documentation so frequently, it is my home page. I also find that when I search for specific topics, Google search shows me I have visited certain pages multiple times. This can be frustrating in one sense because I know I have read the documentation before and still didn't know what to do. I saw this new icon on the top of the search bar and what it revealed was pretty cool!
Here is my account history, which is pretty nice for me to look at and I am excited what insight it brings in the future:

Clicking on the Manage History link also brings up some cool stuff! I love the analytics it gave for my account history, as you can see I am most active on Tuesdays at the 1pm hour. Pretty cool! I am also glad there are days that I am not dark blue for 76+ searches...I am trying to periodically go "offline" :)

So, just click on to find out your Google Search History analytics.

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