Thursday, April 9, 2015

g(Math) can now be used to respond to Forms!

The top feature request for g(Math) for Forms has been to allow Form responders to use g(Math) to craft their responses. I finally came up with a solution that works (but is far from ideal in my opinion, but that has to do with limitations to Google Forms)!

Here is a quick tutorial video explaining it and I am in the process of updating the documentation.

The new option is now live on the g(Math) for Forms Add-on for your use. Here is how.

Step 1: Create your Google Form as you normally would (hopefully using g(Math) to construct questions that need math).

Step 2: Before sending the Form out, click on the Deploy g(Math) for responses to this Form option in the g(Math) for Forms Add-on menu.

Step 3: In the Sidebar that pops up, click the Deploy button.
Step 4: Grab the Deployed URL link and send it out to your Form Responders. I would use Doctopus by +Andrew Stillman to send it out to my Class Roster.

(Optional but Recommended Step): Click on the button to set a Form Submit Trigger to turn the responses crafted in g(Math) into images in the Response Destination Sheet.

Step 5: Check their responses in the Destination Sheet and if you set the Trigger, you should see nice math images in their responses!

Step 6: Coming Soon!! (Grade the responses, Flubaroo-style)

I hope you find this feature a step in the right direction to having students create math digitally and revamp their math experience! Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions/comments/feature requests at or on twitter: @jmacattak.