Thursday, April 23, 2015

g(Math) Form Responder with Handwriting Entry

g(Math) Form Responder with Handwriting Entry will now allow your Form Responders to sketch a Form Response. This is great news for math teachers who want students to show their work (makes me wish I had some touchscreen Chromebooks for my class)!

If you read my earlier post on how to deploy your Google Form so responders can use g(Math) to respond, you are up to speed. If not, click here and we will wait for you to come back...

OK! So you have deployed your Form and are awaiting your Handwritten entries. Make sure that you have set the Trigger on the Deployed Form to automatically render the =Image("link with math stuff") formula. This will help the response spreadsheet show you the Form responders image directly, not the formula.

The Form Responder can use the Handwriting Entry canvas and craft their response. They click the blue Insert button to generate the text they need to paste as the question response. Then they paste it in the Form and click Submit. DONE!

What happens on your end in the response spreadsheet is the image will be shown in the cell of their response. If you only see the formula, then either you did not set the trigger on the Deployed Form or the trigger is not working properly (a known issue that happens sporadically in Google Forms with Form Submit triggers) and you should contact me for help!

I hope you enjoy! If you are wondering what happened to the Handwriting to LaTeX for Form Responder, please see my next blog post to help come up with a solution!

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