Thursday, February 12, 2015

g(Math) updated with better image quality for expressions and gridlines on graphs.

I am excited to release 2 of the top requested features on g(Math), better image quality on expressions and grid lines on graphs. Now that my job search is complete I hope to release a lot more improvements over the next few months. I am super excited about a couple of things in the pipeline and can't wait for them to be ready for primetime!

The top feature request/complaint about g(Math) was the poor image quality upon scaling. Thanks to +James Petersen's tip, you can now indicate the size of the image you want which increases quality. A ninja tip would be to have a bigger size than needed and shrink the image in the Doc to get a better quality image.

Grid lines used to be a feature on the original gGraph and now they are back! I made them a default option that will put gridlines on the specified xstep and ystep. You can uncheck the option at the bottom to return back to no gridlines.

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