Tuesday, December 2, 2014

formIngester and formCreator Add-ons are in Beta and open to Trusted Testers!!

In what started as a quick post in the Google+ Community Apps Scripts for Education - Builders and Users about how to create a Google Form from questions in a spreadsheet has spawned my two newest Add-ons for Sheets: formIngester and formCreator.

These 2 Add-ons work in tandem and are the building blocks for an Forms Add-on I have been working on:
formIngester will take the question properties from a Form in your Drive and populate the spreadsheet.
formCreator will take the question properties from the spreadsheet and populate a Form.

These 2 Add-ons are not in the Chrome Store yet as they are still in Beta and I would love to have some Trusted Testers to help me fix any bugs that exist (I am sure there many to find ;)!!

If you would like to join the Trusted Tester group follow these links to request membership:

formIngester Trusted Tester Group
formCreator Trusted Tester Group

Here are some quick tutorials on the Add-ons:

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