Monday, November 3, 2014

g(Math) will now create individualized, differentiated quizzes and grade them mathematically!!

The latest feature addition to g(Math) for Sheets is the one I have been waiting the longest to complete and port over from my scripts workflow: individualized, differentiated quizzes with a mathematical grading!!

The g(Math) for Sheets QuizNinja will create individualized quizzes that can be differentiated with random questions. The grading aspect also uses a mathematical aspect so if the answer is 4x, it will be marked correct if you put in any value equivalent (like 4*x, x*4, x4, 3x+1x, 16x/(4x), etc...). It is not flawless, so please check to make sure that anything marked incorrect is actually incorrect. I understand this is not ideal, but I feel like it is better than previous available options.

You can check out the full Help documentation at:

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