Saturday, February 13, 2016

g(Math) new Expressions API is live!

The item at the top of my TODO list for the longest time has been to create a new API to use for the g(Math) Create Expressions. I had been using the Google Image Charts API (which was deprecated in 2014) and the underlying LaTeX was incomplete and had a limited image length. For example, you could not use a "normal" angle symbol for Geometry or render a basic matrix equation.

The new Expressions API is live! Beyond the much improved expression length (it is still limited by the Google URLFetch Quota of 2kb, but that is about 3/4 of a page of math and text; much, much improved!), you can now use pretty much a full LaTeX implementation. I have not found much that you cannot do LaTeX-wise. You can even use color by using the \color{blue} for instance! I will updating the pre-built buttons in the coming weeks to include colors and a more robust library of pre-built expressions. Look for an interface overhaul as well!

Here is an example of what is now possible! The new API will also be rolling out to g(Math) for Forms and Sheets!

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