Tuesday, February 23, 2016

formRecycler is live in the Google Forms Add-on store!

Did you ever want to just reuse a few questions from a Form in your Drive? Now you can! Just pick the Form in the popup window and it will populate with the questions from the Form. Select the questions you want to insert and the formRecycler will automagically insert them at the end of the Form!
formRecycler is a Google Forms Add-on that allows you to choose one question (or many) to copy from a Google Form in your Drive to the current Form. Just click on formRecycler in the Add-on menu and choose the Form you want to copy the questions from in the popup window. You can select as many questions as you want. Click insert and my minions will insert your chosen questions at the bottom of your Form. 
Currently, it will not insert Youtube videos from Forms!

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