Friday, March 20, 2015

Tutorial to create a Sidebar in GoogleAppsScript and use jQuery to bring the information between the HTML and the

So +Chris Webb has been creating an Add-on and asked for a quick tutorial on creating a Sidebar using GoogleAppsScript. I made some sample code for him and also made a quick tutorial video explaining some of the components.
If you are interested in learning how to code using GoogleAppsScript, I hope you find it useful.

**My disclaimer is I am a self-taught coder who is not a full-time developer. I talked about what I know and what I have gotten to work, but I am sure there are many more developers who could do a better job and even point out things that might be incorrect! StackOverflow is full of them :)**

+Andrew Stillman+O Trussell+Jennie Magiera+Bjorn Behrendt+James Petersen+Jesse Spevack+Daniel Scibienski+David Wees, and +Martin Hawksey maybe we could make this a running series in the Apps Script for Education--Builders and Users Community with each person creating some requested tutorial or showing some GAS coding aspect they love (or think is really cool!)?
We could possibly even schedule a recurring Hangout On Air? (I know we are all busy and spread around the world in different timezones though...)


Sample Doc:

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