Monday, September 1, 2014

Wow! Thanks to my PLN for all the support, feedback, and communication!!

I am humbled by the amount of feedback and support I have gotten through my PLN this past year. The best Professional Development conference I attended was the 2nd Singapore GAFE Summit almost 1 year ago to the day. The main thing I took from that conference was that I needed to share what I am doing in the classroom. The response I have gotten has been amazing! In that time, my blog has gotten over 30,000 views, my Google+ over 600,000, and my g(Math) Add-on for Docs and Sheets has over 30,000 combined users. I have collaborated with some amazing people that I don't really know in person as well. Thanks to +Andrew Stillman+Jay Atwood+Simon Tyler+Will Sappenfield+Ann Witherspoon+Jennifer Magiera (although my 30,000 views is nothing compared to your 1,000,000!),  +John Taylor+Isso Shimamoto+Chuck Pawlik, and many, many others who have helped/inspired/collaborated with me!!!
I am truly excited about presenting 3 sessions this weekend in the 3rd Annual Singapore Summit!

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