Friday, April 19, 2013

UWC Middle School Conference Workshop Goals

Here are the goals we want to accomplish in today's Workshop:

1. You should be able to leave the Workshop with Google Drive folder structure for your classes. Bringing class lists (preferably in spreadsheet form so we can copy and paste it) and your favorite digital device.

2. You will be able to send a custom email message from a spreadsheet.

Here is a brief outline of what I will be discussing:

  • Learn about Google Apps For Education (GAFE) Resources
    • The Templates I use
  • Examples of how I used GAFE to differentiate in my G6-9 math classes
    • Seat Problem
  • The power of using Google Spreadsheets
    • Create Random (or if you like not so Random) Group Allocations of different sizes
    • Custom Email Mail Merge using FormEmailer
  • gClassFolders2.0 is an amazing tool
    • Automatically setup Google Drive folders for each class
      • 3 types of folders created: All class view, All class edit, Individual folders
      • Differentiation with gClassFolders
  • Working Time!
  • My favorite resources
    • Script Resources
    • Google+ page
    • Blogs and Twitter
  • Google Apps Certified Teacher Program
Bonus Info:
  • Learn how you can have an unlimited number of email addresses easily come to your Inbox.
  • Learn how you can send emails from a cool sender name.
  • How to use FormEmailer to automatically grade assessments!!
  • FormEmailer to create Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler
  • FormEmailer to create assessment reports based on a rubric (or student comments for grade reports based on a rubric)

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