Friday, April 19, 2013

gClassFolders is awesome!

**This post has been sitting in my draft folder for about 2 months, so I finally just published it...***
So Andrew Stillman +Andrew Stillman is a GoogleApps Script genious. He has collaborated with Bjorn Behrendt to create the ultimate workflow for Google Apps for Edu (GAFE). As I previously posted, I love using formEmailer. I have extended the Scripts capabilities to utilize more powerful aspects in my math class integrations.

Here is a running diary (a la SportsGuy on ESPN: Example here.) of my integration of gClassFolders version 2.0.

Friday, February 15
See this tweet from @astillman:

Super excited about the new sharing of folders for student assignments, so I click on the link to get the Script!

Checked out the documentation here and realized how powerful the integration will be. I have been using various workflows to organize my student data along with sending them personalized assignments and graded rubrics (more to come in future posts).

Clicked on the link to "Make a copy of gClassFolders2.0"

Refreshed the browser to make the gClassFolders custom tab show up.

Used the pushData console to push the student data into the gClassRoster tab from my Master Student List Spreadsheet.

Here is a great video that shows a lot of the capabilities of Google Scripts in school capacities. pushData can be found by searching the Tools->Script Gallery
Realized that using pushData would not format the data that is pushed in the correct columns due to the way I had them formatted in the Student Master List sheet. So, I reorganized the columns to match up with the gClassFolders headers.

Finished reorganized header data in source spreadsheet and pushData into gClassFolders2.0!

Installed gClassFolders2.0 and created my folders for 117 different students!!

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