Wednesday, April 27, 2016

g(Math) Handwriting Recognition!

After over a year of working on it, g(Math) now does Handwriting Recognition again! The biggest hurdle in creating math digitally is typesetting, g(Math) handwriting recognition helps overcome that hurdle!!
Just click on the Handwriting Entry and your handwriting will be recognized in the bottom right corner of the canvas. When you are satisfied with the result, click on the + button to add the recognized math to your Doc!
You can also edit the Create Expressions with handwriting! Create an expression to enter by clicking on the Handwriting Recognition button. Scribe your entry and click on the right arrow button to bring it back to the LaTeX box to edit further or insert into your Doc.

You can edit your expressions as well by using Handwriting Recognition: Just highlight the part of the expression you want to edit in the LaTeX box, click the Handwriting Recognition box, scribe your entry and then click on the right arrow button to bring it back into the LaTeX box, replacing your highlighted portion with the recognized math.

It will still insert the handwriting entry into your Doc as well. Scribe your entry and click on the gesture icon to insert the handwriting into the Doc.

I am super pumped about this feature and look for it to be rolled out across all flavors of g(Math) soon!

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