Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Technology to maximize your g(Math) experience!

With the new handwriting entry available in g(Math) for Docs and Form Responder, I have had a lot of emails asking about the best way to interact with g(Math), technology-wise. Here are some of my suggestions:

Touchscreen Chromebook: I just ordered the Asus Flip Chromebook and I am excited to see how it runs. I will provide and update after I have used it as my main machine for a while. I love that it has a touchscreen and is less than $300. So far, I am loving it!

Wacom Wireless Bamboo Tablet: The Wacom tablet is great if you want to use a stylus with your Mac (or Windows) machine. Just plug the wireless adapter in the USB port and you can use the stylus to write on the touchpad to create a handwriting entry!

If you have any other technology that you would suggest, I would love to hear about it!

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