Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Script that will create Google Forms from questions in a Spreadsheet

There was a query posted in the GEG Singapore about automatically creating forms from spreadsheet questions. g(Math) kind of does this, so I threw a script together that will create a form from a highlighted range. It will even create multiple choice questions from option in the sheet (I am especially proud of that aspect).
Check it out here and make a copy to play around:

How to do it:

1. Create your questions in a Spreadsheet, picking the type of question from the dropdown in the cell in column C.

2. Click on the Add-on menu and run the script to create your quiz.

3. The sidebar will pop open prompting you to select your question range.
4.Select the questions that you want to use:
5. Click on Proceed and then name your quiz.

6. Click Create Form and wait for the magic to happen. You will get a popup box with the link to Edit your quiz and you will also find it in your Google Drive.

7. Send it out to your students!

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