Saturday, April 12, 2014

Script that will add text from a spreadsheet cell to the end of a Google Doc.

I am in the process of trying to share more of the things I use in class and now that my daughter is 5 months old I have a few extra minutes in the day (emphasis on few :).

 +Eric Allatta asked a question in the Google Apps Scripts for Education Community that would add a new written prompt to the end of a Google Doc that he shared via Doctopus with his students.

Here is a spreadsheet that contains the script:

The testing target Google Doc:

**Note that the Student File Key is the part from the URL that is in the section preceding the /edit**  Doctopus puts this in the spreadsheet for you.

Feel free to play around with them and/or make your own copy.

This is an adaptation of a script that I wrote that adds a math question to the end of the Google Doc (it actually adds an image of a math question). I have a couple of incarnations of that script, including one that writes to the end of the document after the student submits a form response. This way the work is sequenced. I can send out the next part of the assignment to the student without having to send it to all of the students at the same time. I will blog more about those later, but wanted to share what I adapted for Eric in case anyone else was interested.

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