Friday, March 14, 2014

gMath Add-on

I have been super pumped all week with the announcement of Add-ons and +Andrew Stillman+Jay Atwood, and +Jennifer Magiera have inspired me to take some of my personal scripts and adapt them to be Add-ons.
Here is gMath (name is a work in progress still), my first attempt at an Add-on that was also inspired by the work of +Johan Falk (who had previously developed gLaTeX):

It is a math editor that opens in the Sidebar to help with better math insertion. Please feel free to help me test it out and I am in the process of trying to publish it as a public Add-on. I hope to add functionality to allow you to select an equation and have it prepopulate the LaTeX field and I would like to add the ability to add graphs and graphs of functions as well.

You will need to know some LaTex, but you can copy from a variety of sources, like CodeCogs.

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