Sunday, February 9, 2014

Individualized Math Quizzes Project, update #3

I have updated my project further.

Some additions: There is now a working Popup window to ask you how many questions you want to have and it will automatically write the headers. The pullResponses will autograde, color-code answers based on Correct and Incorrect, and give the total number of correct solutions per student.

Here are the things I am still working on (the strikethrough items have been completed). You can find the most updated version here:

Some things I still am working on when I get some more spare time this week:
1. I want to add are better functionality of the number of questions and make them dynamic.
2. I will also add the function to grade the quiz based on the student response
3. I will also work on the randomization of questions.
4. Make an option for a level of difficulty. For example, you could have 3 levels of questions Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced and choose from those questions.
5. I need to stop the script when there are no names left in the spreadsheet.

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