Tuesday, September 3, 2013

gClassHub saves me days of my life during 1 school year!

In my last post I detailed how I begin the Googlefication of my classes using gClassFolders. The folder structure setup is awesome. But the real ROI for me comes from the gClassHub. I try to run almost all my assignments through my Google Drive and distributing these documents to students can be time consuming.
Enter the gClassHub.

What do you need to access the gClassHub?

1. You need to have used gClassFolders to setup your Google Drive structure. Once you run Create New Folders and Shares, an extra option comes up in the gClassFolders menu.



The new option of Get gClassHub URL will generate the URL for us. Click on this option and the popup tells you to click the link.
Click the link. Sometimes you will get an error if you are logged into multiple Google email accounts. You can avoid this by doing 1 of 2 things:
1. Use the Incognito window.
2. **My preferred method** Use Google Chrome Users: Chrome User Setup Instructions.

This will go to a website where you can choose your class and then launch 1 of the 3 prepopulated scripts. These scripts were created by +Andrew Stillman (who is awesome and has tons of great scripts). +Jay Atwood also has tons of great Youtube videos with walkthroughs of some of the scripts. Check out his awesome playlist of videos on scripts!

Now you can Launch the script of your choice. In my next post, I will talk about Doctopus!

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